Each of us is a sum of our experiences and have a concept to tell. If you have an original and unique concept that you think holds the potential to be transformed into broadcast or digital content, you may submit it here.

It is important to note below terms on which a successful submission of a “Concept” can be made to Sony Pictures Networks (“SPN”):

1. The submission of “Concept” is voluntary and not in any manner solicited by SPN.

2. You must be the author or owner of the Concept.

3. The Concept must be between 3,000 and 5,000 words.

4. The Concept must be written in such a way that it is capable of being classified as a “literary work”. A Concept which cannot be regarded as no more than an idea or a theme for a story or screenplay for producing a program or web-series should not be submitted.

5. The Concept must be suitable for production of either a TV program or web series. SPN is currently not accepting Concepts for feature films.

6. Themes or ideas for stories are not copyrightable. There is a possibility that the theme or idea of your Concept submitted to SPN may already be in development at SPN for a motion picture, television program or web-series.

7. If you do not hear from SPN within ninety (90) days from the day you submit the Concept, it shall mean that the Concept is rejected or not acceptable to SPN.

8. SPN requests that no follow-ups be made with any employee of SPN.

9. Please do not resubmit the same Concept earlier submitted by you.

10. Please read all the fields of the submission form carefully before filling the details. All the mandatory fields must be filled correctly.

11. You may note that wrong information or misrepresentation in the submission form will lead to rejection.

12. Any information or details provided by you in the submission form shall be governed by our privacy policy to the extent applicable.

13. You will have to sign detailed terms and conditions that shall govern the submission of your Concept to SPN. We encourage you to read those terms and conditions before signing.

14. Please download the terms and conditions and submit it after filling in all the required details, sign on all pages and upload the signed copy as a PDF.

15. If the submission agreement is not duly signed in accordance with the foregoing and uploaded, the submission of the Concept shall not be successful.

16. You are requested not to attempt to reword any of the terms or introduce any new clauses or amend any clauses in the terms and conditions. Any such instance shall lead to rejection of the Concept by SPN.

SPN wishes you good luck!